Main services

Centurion Security Services is a firm centered on providing unmatched Consulting, Invesitgative and Training services in a modern day security environment.

Investigative Services

The Investigative Division provides a wide range of services from internal corporate investigations, criminal/civil investigation to covert surveillance. Investigations range from internal/external fraud/theft, workers compensation, patent infringement, and a range of civil process cases.


Training Services

The Training Division provides unsurpassed training in all aspects of public/private sector security functions including active shooter, de-escalation techniques, executive protection, weapons retention, counter-terrorism, role of a security officer, security management, report writing among many other areas.


Security Consulting

The Consulting Division is responsible for providing organizational business analysis from budgets/staffing to organziational management/practices. This division possesses the ability to provide complete top to bottom analysis of organizatinal operations.


Organizational Management
Consulting Services

Organizational Management Effectiveness
Budgeting/Finance Analysis
Personnel Allocation/Deployment
Organizational Ethics
Policy/Procedures Development